2 questions to discuss

I am Jacques Spies, Partner in Belgium in the name of my company: ally&be consult.
I would like to know:
  1. How to be able to follow and transfer parts of the commissions  
  2. If it would be possible to modify an order (for zinzinotests) in a Superior order with the benefits of the "Christmas present" for Zinzinotests?
  3. what is the hub and what is interesting in it?
Is it possible to call me, eventually to talk about it?
My mobile is: +32 497 422 088

With thanks and bests regards,
Jacques Spies

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  • Hello Jacques,

    Thank you for your inquiries!  Please see our answers below:
    1. We will send you our Supplementary Agreement form, once you fill in this form and send your verifying documentation (i.e: driver's license, etc) back to us, we will review it and if all is okay we will gladly open your account.  
    2. We are not sure about your second question, if you would like to speak to us personally you can ring:  +46 31 771 71 51 for English or if you speak German +49 3222 109 7777
    3. Our ZinzinoHub is a fun way for our partners to keep track of what is happening with their customers and what CAN happen with their potential customers.  As a partner you must have an active Z4F Auto Order to access the Hub. 
    Let us know if we have missed anything!  We are so glad you are with us!

    Have a great day, 

    Vanessa Partner Support

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