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what should I do if I want to quit after the starter kit ?

what should I do if I want to quit after the starter kit ?
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  • Hi Sveinbjörg,

    Thank you for your message!

    If you wish to end the subscription before completing your 6 monthly payments, Zinzino will charge you a fee of 50€.

    If you choose this, no refund will be made, and no products will be sent. Your subscription ends immediately after paying the 50€ invoice. Please contact Customer Service for creating this invoice and any further questions or concerns you may have this cancellation fee and what it includes.  

    Kind regards,
    Tiina Customer Service
  • Is this cancels all subscriptions, if people have more than one, or only one of them?
    Thank You.
  • Hello Abc,

    Thank you for your inquiry!  If you have more more than one subscription and wish to cancel each subscription before the time is over, it is 50€ per each subscription.

    We hope this helps if not let us know and we will help you further,
    Vanessa Partner Support
  • I want to end my subscription after completing my 6 monthly payments.
    what should I do.
    best regards

  • Hello Svenbjörg,

    Thank you for your inquiry!  You can write to our Icelandic Support at: and let them know you would like to stop your subscription with us.

    Have a great day,
    Vanessa Partner Support

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