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What Is the Difference Between a Premier Customer And A Retail Customer?

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  • Premier customers have ordered and paid for a startkit with a bounded monthly subscription. They get discounted prices and other offers.

    All other customers are Retail customers, they are not bound and they pay retail prices.
    Zinzino Customer service
  • Hi,
    Please advise about Balance Basic - start kit 1. If I buy it for 79eur + 6 mths fee as premier customer, do I get the starter kit and some product every month? Or just a kit once?

  • Hello Ringaile,

    Thank you for your inquiry.  

    After you buy your starter kit, you have an agreement to pay a fee every month and then receive a double delivery every OTHER month.  For example:
    Pay July's invoice (no product comes)
    Pay August's invoice (a double delivery comes after paying the invoice, you will receive July AND August's package together in one package).

    We also have our prepaid kits, where you pay everything at once.  This means no 6 monthly payments and you receive ALL your products at once, you can read more about this here:

    We hope this answers your question and you find what you need, if you have more questions please feel free to let us know and we will happily help you!

    Have a wonderful and healthy day!
    Vanessa Partner Support
  • Hi, thanks for replying. What product comes every second month? Let's say I pay 39 fee and the again +29 for balance oil or so?
  • Hello Ringaile,

    Thank you for your inquiry.  Please see below:

    How the delivery process works:
    1. You pay your order every month (for example:  if it is July's invoice ==>39€ plus 3,50=42.50€ total invoice for month one).
    2. You then pay August invoice of the same amount as July's, but this month, in August you will receive a delivery of two bottles of oil (or whichever product you have chosen) in one package.
    We hope this helps, you can find more information in our Forum (choose the language of choice) at:

    You are more than welcomed to come back to us if you have more questions or concerns via the Forum or you can reach us via email at or via phone +46 (0)31 771 71 51.

    Have wonderful and healthy day!

    Vanessa Partner Support
  • Hi, if I order a Viva product, 60 tablets, and a skin serum, I paid for it, I just want to try, I do not need to pay for 6 months, those, right?
    Pls advise.
  • Hi Vilmos,

    Thank you for your message!

    You have made the order correctly as a one-time purchase only. There is still only BalanceOil in your on-going subscription.

    Viva and SkinSerum will be shipped to you with your next Balance Oil delivery.

    Kind regards,
    Tiina Customer Service
  • Thank you very much for the kind answer!
  • Hallo.
    After 6 months I am still Premier Customer or A Retail Customer?
    After 6 months I will stop paing for a product and I would like to buy it again after, for example, 3 months. What type of customer I am?
  • Hi Rasto,

    Thank you for your message!

    You will remain a Premier customer even after cancelling your subscription.

    Kind regards,
    Tiina Customer Service
  • good day ,

    I am a premium costumer with several products , and I am not consuming them fast enough. Can I cancel the products that I do not use?

    And how can I cancel them

    thanks you for your reply
    greetings Margot

  • Hi Margot,

    Thank you for your message!

    Please contact our Customer Service with your customer ID number, and we can help you further.

    Kind regards,
    Tiina Customer Service
  • Hi I'd like to add the Leanshake Basic on a  6 month subscription for 155 euros as Premier Customer.
    Is that for 6months of product or is there further payments to be made ?


    stuart James Bimson
  • Hello Stuart,

    Thank you for your inquiry! The 155€ is for the start kit ONLY and then after that for the next six months you pay 79€ per month. You pay each month and receive a DOUBLE delivery every other month.

    Hope this has answered your question, if not please let us know!  Have a great day,
    Vanessa Partner Support
  • Hi there,

    Can people in pre-launched markets be Premier Customers? If so, how do they do so?
    Because on the Global Pricelist, it does show the value for both a Premier and a Retail Customer, yet on the Order Form there is no stipulation.

    Thanks and Regards,
    Warren Conolly
  • Hello Warren,

    Thank you for your inquiry! If a customer buys a pre-paid kit, they will get the premier prices as normal, otherwise they will be a retail customer. We hope this helps, if not please let us know and we will be happy to help you further.

    Have a great day,
    Vanessa Partner Support

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