What is the BalanceTest?

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  • Zinzino Balance Test is a dry blood sample test to use at home. It takes less than a minute to perform. A little prick in your finger by the enclosed needle and collect a few drops of blood on a filter paper in the test kit.

    The blood sample is sent to a certified laboratory for analysis, and you find your personal test results on www.zinzinotest.com

    The test analyzes 11 fatty acids in your blood that represents 98% of the fatty acids present in your blood. The fatty acid profile shown in your results reflects your diet in respect to fat intake. On your test result you find dietary indicators showing your omega-6 to omega-3 balance, the omega-3 (EPA+DHA) value, the efficiency of your body´s arachidonic acid (AA) formation, your cell membrane fluidity index among other.

    To learn more log in to www.zinzinotest.com and How to read your test result. The results will tell you whether you have an unbalanced, semi-balanced or balanced diet.

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