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We want to buy Zinzino Viva from Australia

Hi Guys
Currently the Australian website does not offer Viva for sale.

My wife Sandi was given a two week sample of Viva by an agent Josef Voglsam who we met when we were in Austria, but he has not yet answered our email.

Sandi has since run out, so right now she just wants to try it for another month to be sure the beneficial effects previously noted return.

Can you advise how and where we can purchase retail a single box of this product? I was going to email the US branch, but thought I had better go to the head office first.


Ian Hodgkinson Report inappropriate content


  • Hello Ian,

    Thank you for your inquiry and great interest in our Viva product!

    At this time, Zinzino is not allowed to sell our Viva product in Australia due to certain laws within the country. So this is why we do not sell nor can we ship the products their to you in Australia.

    Have a good day, 

    Vanessa Partner Support

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