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Temperatures and processes for making the Balance oil

I wander about the process on Lysi. What temperatur are they using during the different processes?
 When I read on their webpage I only find very limited information "The process includes neutralization, bleaching, winterization, distillation, deodorization and standardization."
What I know about other oils and how to make margarine, many companies uses similar processes which affect the sensitive unsaturated fats very negatively.

I also want to know if the fish are captured in a ethic way (, like only choose responsibly caught fish, that is handled with care and can be traced right back to a sustainable source.
Is trawling used to capture the fish?

How many kilo fish is needed to produce one liter of fish oil?

I also want to know if it is a special kind of olives (extra rich in polyphenols) used for the Balande oil? Ore is it the process making the live oil that let the oil contain more of the polyphenols. I ask because the oil is clear and what I know is unfiltered olive oil richer in polyphenols. 

Is the fish oil and olive oil simply poured together or is there some process?

The lemon flavour is it etheric lemon oil?
I noticed that the orange, lemon, mint flavour is aroma (synthetic I assume?) How come that the taste is not natural flavours?

Some other companies also have vegan EFA from algae. Is there such a product in the pipeline? 
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  • Hello Ellinor,

    Thank you for your interest in our products and questions, we are sorry it has taken a little while to return to you.  We needed to collect data from our experts and that took a little bit of time.

    We use a standardized refining process to produce fish oil from the fish and the temperatures and other processing steps are optimized to produce the best quality of fish oil.

    Lysi is a member of the sustainability program, Friend of the Sea, which involves certification of sustainable seafood from fisheries and aqua culture.  As far as the kilos of fish to produce the oil, we concentrate on the quality of the oil and the health benefits derived from it.  The lemon flavor we use is etheric lemon oil, the orange/lemon/mint flavor is a combination between natural and artificial flavors.  This flavor is used as it is more easily standardized so that the results are better for the consumer.

    At this time we do not see a product that is vegan from EFA at this time.  

    Hope this helps!  If not, you can always come back to us and we can try and help you further.  

    Vanessa Partner Support
  • I would like to point out that the answers are not detailed enough. And not all of them have been answered. This is a really interesting subject and questions are precise. Please go in details and answer also the questions that include olives and pouring oils together.
  • Hello Shasha,

    We try to answer your questions as detailed as we can but we can´t give you all details about everything in our products since we want to protect our products.

    Specially selected olives with high polyphenol content are used to produce the extra virgin olive oil in the Balance products. The polyphenol content occur naturally from the cultivator of olive (type of olive used), and from the time of harvest.

    The olive oil is extra virgin, which means it is cold-pressed and therefore it has not gone through a refining process. This is done to maintain the positive constituents of the olive oil that otherwise had disappeared during such refinement process.

    Exactly how we mix the oil is not an information we give out as a company

    Have a great day!
    Emelie Director Support
  • Its a very nice post thanks for sharing this post..
  • Hello Aarohi,

    Thank you so much for your kind words!  We strive to give the best answers we can for our customers and partners so we appreciate your feedback.

    Have a wonderful day!

    Vanessa Partner Support

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