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How Do I Set the Cup Size For My Espresso Machine from Zinzino?

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  • There are different ways to adjust your cup size this depends on which machine you have.  Please see the below descriptions for your respective machine.

    PLEASE NOTE!: Coffee and coffee machines ONLY available in selected countries, please contact your re-seller for more details if it is sold in your country. 

    Xpress'OH maskin:
    • Pull up the silver handle on the machine
    • Hold down both the large and small cup at the same time until the lights start to flash.
    • Then click on the big cup, the machine now starts brewing coffee.
    • Then click the big cup one more time when you are satisifed with the amount of coffee in your cup.
    • Then follow the same steps to set the small cup.
    EK'oh Machine:
    • Open your pod package, place the pod in the pod opening on your machine.
    • Press and hold either the Large Coffee button OR the Small Coffee button for 5 seconds. 
    • The arrows and buttons on the machine that you are programming will start to blink. 
    • Press the button that you want to program, the brewing program begins.
    • When your cup/mug is filled with the desired amount of coffee, push the respective cup size button you wish to program. 
    The new coffee cup/mug size is saved now. You can use the same way to program the other coffee cup/mug size.

    The most coffee you can have in a cup/mug is 14 cl. 

    • Press and hold in the set button, until the middle light starts to blink. 
    • Open your pod package and place the pod in the pod opening.
    • Click on the little cup/mug, it will start brewing coffee now.
    • When you have received your desired amount of coffee click on the cup/mug button again. 
    • Finished!
    Use this same procedure to save a large cup/mug size.

    Zinzino Machine:
    • Open your pod package and place the pod in the pod opening. 
    • Turn the lever
    • Hold in both the cup/mug buttons until they start to blink. 
    • Press in the desired cup/mug size you wish.
    • Press the chosen cup/mug size again when you are satisfied with the amount of coffee in your cup/mug.
    FINISHED!  Enjoy your cup of coffee!  PLEASE NOTE:  This machine is no longer sold.

    OH Expresso:

    Since this is a manual machine you do not need to save or set a cup size.  PLEASE NOTE:  This machine is no longer sold. 

    For any additional questions, you are warmly welcomed to contact our customer service department.
    Vanessa Partner Support
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