Delivery is late again

Dear Zinzino,

My bank account is charged every month on the 10th by €32.50, but I always need to be asking where is my delivery.
Please let me know when I should expect a delivery each month.

Many thanks

Kestutis Kvedaras
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  • Hello Kestutis,

    Thank you for your inquiry.  We have received your payment on the 10th of June and we thank you for that.  Please check the link below to understand how your Zinzino subscription works.  We see that you are a subscribing customer so the first paragraph of the post will pertain to you.

    If you have further questions regarding this, we are happy to help OR you can contact your sponsor for further information.

    Have a great day, 

    Vanessa Partner Support
  • Tisztelt Cím. Ma megkaptam a csomagot, szakadtan és hiányosan. 4 nagy üveg olaj és a számla hiányzott a csomagból. A futár megírta a kárjegyzőkönyvet a csomag állapotáról. Mi ilyenkor a teendő ? Köszönettel Márkus Zsolt
    Márkus Zsolt
  • Hello Markus,

    Thank you for your inquiry.  At this time we only have English support for our Hungarian customers and partners, this will change in the near future, so we appreciate your cooperation in this matter.

    That being said, we have answered your email you have sent to us and hope that will help you so that you can get your problem resolved.

    Best wishes to you and a great day,
    Vanessa Partner Support

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