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How can I cancel my auto order?

Hi, How can I cancel my auto order? I have clicked on the bin and was ask to contact customer support. Can you tell me why?


  • Hi Lutz!

    Thank you for your message!

    Unfortunately you cannot cancel AutoOrder via back office yourself; all subscription cancellations (apart from plus subscriptions) are made through support/customer service.

    Your AutoOrder has now been cancelled.

    Kind regards,
    Tiina Customer Service
  • I want to stop My subskription  at midlety

    Leif ehn
  • Hello Leif,

    Thank you for your inquiry.  We have sent your request to our subscription department and they have 30 business days to process this request.  In the meantime, we have paused your account so that no further payments are taken.

    We thank you for your cooperation in this matter and wish you a great day!

    Best regards,
    Vanessa Partner Support

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