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Can I Combine Anti-Depressant Drugs With Viva?


I take anti-depressants but I want to try Viva, can I take Viva at the same time?
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  • Hello JoAnne,

    Thank you for your inquiry and we are glad you are interested in our Viva product.

    We would like to first say that, you should ALWAYS consult your doctor before taking anything new. Talk to your doctor about trying to combine Viva and an anti-depressant drug. Bring the Viva box and product information sheet to your doctor so that he or she understands what Viva contains.

    IF your doctor approves this, stop with the anti-depressant drugs for awhile. See how it feels and if it does not feel okay , STOP with the Viva and start again with your anti-depressants.  

    Please remember, ALWAYS consult your doctor.

    Take care and you are always welcome to come back to us if you have more questions or concerns.
    Vanessa Partner Support
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