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Are there people who shouldn’t take Protect?

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  • Anyone who has received an organ transplant should be cautious.

    This is theoretically a risk group, even though pre-clinical tests have not found any problems. In general,  please follow the recommended dosage on the label.
    Zinzino Customer Service
  • I can imagine that even People with pancreas problems need to be cautious, if they have a problem to digest fat. Is that true?
  • Hello Esther,

    Thank you for your inquiry.  We can inform you that people with pancreas problems can take our Protect product, please note that if they are not producing lipase then our BalanceOil can be difficult to digest and we suggest using our AquaX which may be easier.

    We hope this helps you, if not please do not hesitate to come back to us and we will gladly help you further!

    Have a wonderful day,
    Vanessa Partner Support

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