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Are the Flavors (Lemon, Vanilla and Orange/Lemon/Mint) in the BalanceOil Natural Or Artificial?

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  • The lemon flavor in Balance Oil is natural, while the vanilla and orange/lemon/mint flavors are combinations between artificial and natural components.

    Zinzino Customer Service
  • What are the artificial ingredients? Why do you need them in something that is suppose to be healthy?
  • Hello Jill,

    Thank you for your inquiry! That is a great question, we have asked our house expert for help for your question and we will get back to you as soon as we have an answer!

    Thank you you again,

    UPDATE JUNE 13, 2019

    Zinzino is working on not having any artificial ingredients, but several things need to happen before this can take place:

    1. The flavor of the natural ingredient needs to be a flavor that blends with the BalanceOil. 
    2. Zinzino wants to make sure the new ingredient would not make the product (oil) less healthy
    3. The small amounts of flavoring would not have a big impact on the oil considering ones total intake of food. 

    Vanessa Partner Support

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